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Parking Perfection 6: Valet of the Kings

Parking Perfection 6

No one likes it when they have to park their car in a tight spot, but if you own a car then it is an unavoidable chore that must be taken care of whenever you reach your chosen destination. You wouldn’t think that it would be a smart move for any developer to go ahead and create a game that simulates an activity that 90% of most drivers detest, but there are many games out there that simulate parking, and Parking Perfection 6 is one of them. Surprisingly, for what is such a mundane activity, parking is actually made fun by Parking Perfection 6, and there are many different types of parking situation that the game challenges you to overcome. With a challenging set of levels and a unique mechanic for controlling the car that isn’t often experienced in parking games, this game differentiates itself from others in the genre and there are a few reasons why.

Firstly, developer Mousebreaker are well known for putting their own unique spin on their games, and they haven’t held back on the parking genre either. Parking Perfection 6 challenges you to park cars in a variety of different challenging contexts. The aim is to get the indicated car into the designated position on the screen, which is indicated by the highlighted area in each level. You must use the directional arrows to guide the car around the screen and pay close attention to your damage meter. Damaging your car too much will cause the level to end, so careful consideration must be taken when manoeuvring your car, adding greatly to the challenge. This also means that the game is a little more forgiving than other parking games, which often have you fail if you even touch your car onto its surroundings.

Beginning with simple levels to get you to grips with the feel of the game, the 6th in this car parking game series increases in difficulty as you play through the levels, with parallel parking, reverse parking, and all sorts of tight-space nightmares to go  up against throughout the game. Where Mousebreaker really differentiate from other developers is their inclusion of a steering mechanic that makes things even more challenging. Instead of simply travelling in the direction that you indicate with the directional arrows, it is only the front wheels of your car that respond to your input so you must concentrate on the position and direction of the front tyres in order to properly control the vehicle. The system can take a little bit of getting used to at first but when you master it and park the car perfectly, it truly feels like you have achieved something.

In terms of graphics, Parking Perfection 6 isn’t breaking down any boundaries or pushing limits here, but it has an air of light-hearted professionalism and polish around the edges that Mousebreaker games are well-known for. In all, this is a superior parking game to distinctly average titles like Shopping Mall Parking, offering a solid and innovative take on the genre.