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Online Cricket: One of the More Realistic Attempts at a Cricket Web Game

Online Cricket

In spite of the notable popularity of cricket as a sport in many countries, it seems there is a lack of well-known cricket games out there to satisfy cricket fans when the season is all but over. The Brian Lara Cricket game series was probably the most famous, but since it's been over six or so years since this series ended, this is in the past with no big cricket games to speak of since.

You can always count on the flash game market to bridge any gaps in the console scene however, and in the case of cricket games there are quite a few to choose from, though not all are worth your time. One that most definitely is worth a look is Online Cricket, a game that attempts to take a very respectable batting and bowling and fit it into a number of overs selected by the player, and all in the framework of an international clash between well-known teams. It's not quite Brian Lara, but there are many features in Online Cricket that make it one of the best free-to-play cricket games in existence.

It may be a little misleading that the game is named Online Cricket because it doesn't actually involve any online play in the sense of multiplayer functionality. What it does offer is the chance to play a fair number of overs either batting or bowling and playing as your favourite team against another team of your choosing. The CPU is always your opponent regardless of which team you pick for yourself and to be your opponent, but you'll be challenged enough regardless of who you do choose. You simply have to select your favourite team and the one you wish to face, choose how many overs (consisting of 6 balls) you wish to play (either 5, 10, 20, or a whopping 50), and then you let a coin toss decide whether you will get the choice between batting or bowling or whether the opposite team will choose.

You will find that the gameplay is split between batting and bowling, each with its own interface that allows you to take control over the individual situations. Bowling is a simple affair where you must use the directional arrows to move the highlighted circle on the pitch: this indicates exactly where the ball will pitch. After selecting where the ball should land, you just have to press the spacebar to make your bowler perform a run-up and bowl the ball. Unfortunately, there's not a power system or any kind of option to choose spin, swerve, or any other kind of variable, which sort of makes this a fairly limited bowling experience, even compared to Pixel Cricket.

Batting is a bit more of a complex affair, though not unnecessarily so. When batting you have to just wait for the ball to be bowled at you and it is up to you to select the best shot for each situation. There are plenty to choose from covering pretty much all directions such as the sweep shot, the leg flick, the on drive, the off drive, and the cover drive; more options are available as well and the specific button combinations for them can be looked up on the help section that is accessed from the main menu. You must choose shots carefully as you will otherwise end up being caught out or not making enough runs to eventually go on and win the actual game.

It should be quite obvious that Online Cricket is one of the more detailed cricket games out there on the internet since it does give you the opportunity to both bat and bowl when some games like Mousebreaker's Top Spinner Blitz only allows for a fairly basic batting experience with no provision for bowling or the wider game of cricket. Still, Online Cricket isn't anywhere near the full experience as you would be likely to find in professional console-based cricket games like Don Bradman Cricket 14. There are some elements missing in Online Cricket after all such as wicket keeping and fielding for example, two elements that are very important parts of the sport and which no flash-based game can truly claim to simulate comprehensively.

Still, even though Online Cricket isn't technically the full works that covers all aspects of the sport, it has more content than rival games such as Cricket World Championship, which is a batting-only affair. Online Cricket's graphics are also much better than most of its rival games as well and the sound effects are actually quite impressive; the music could do with being silenced however, or at least made to be less annoying in the long run over 50 overs. Still, Online Cricket is one of the more realistic cricket web games you're going to play as it is simply a superior experience to most of its rivals.