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Jet Velocity 3D: Design Tracks and Experiment in this 3D Hover Jet Title

Jet Velocity 3D

Based on the titles out today, very few developers dare venture into the free-to-play, 3D game market. Jet Velocity 3D is one such gem that makes use of the graphic format without compromising the quality of its game play. Its futuristic racing game offers smooth maneuvering even on standard net books.

You need not be a racing game guru to adapt to the game's simple controls. You may opt to use either the W, A, S and D keys or directional arrow keys to maneuver your ship. You may even go for a combination of buttons from the two sets if that suits your natural play style.

We found the difficulty bar for this title to be quite high because you have to finish a track in first place in order to proceed to the next level. You do get additional points for every attempt to beat a stage but you will hit a permanent road block if you are unable to emerge the victor. The same goes for unlocking ships. Since these are unlocked by finishing levels, you will also be missing out on test driving new aircraft types.

In order to win in a level, you must be able to pass through Speed Boosts consistently. This gives your ship a much needed push to overtake pesky AI opponents vying for first place. If you do manage to finish the race with top marks, you may choose to upload your score to see how you fared against people around the world. In other words, you enjoy instant bragging rights.

Jet Velocity 3D doesn't skimp out on the details. We were impressed with the game's ability to give performance updates. Basically, it records your best time after finishing a level. Then, it displays how much faster or slower you finished a track if you attempt to beat the same level a second time.

While the main game has plenty of challenges to offer, the make it or break it approach may not be for everyone. Thankfully, there is an alternative for those who wish to try something a little more relaxed. In "Make Custom Track Mode", players are given free rein to adjust a track's curve smoothness, its length, the number of opponents generated and the AI's skill level. In case you don't feel like experimenting with the sliders, you may also generate a random track layout.

The best part about the system is that you can replay or even tweak previous designs. Keeping your level code gives you the ability to load a track you made or even share it to your pals through Facebook or Twitter. We found this simple system to be easy to use and practical. With only ten levels to beat, this adds a much needed boost to the replay value of the game and integrates a surprising community feature as well.

Though this futuristic racing game sports a 3D look, it still runs smooth even on regular net books. Being a browser-based game, we were pleased to see that the roughness is kept to a minimum in the graphics department. The peppy techno tunes also complete the exciting, space-age vibe of the game.

With ten challenging levels and unlockable ships to boot, Jet Velocity 3D is enough to keep you busy for hours. Make Custom Track Mode extends the title's replayability tenfold and adds a way to share the experience with friends. If you are the type who loves competitive plane racing games in the style of the games here, try your hand at topping the online score boards. Otherwise, hone your maneuvering skills by using those Speed Ramps and beating your best time in each level --consistency also wins the race.