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Earn to Die 3: Where Else Can You GO?

Earn to Die 3

The Earn to Die series is a simple smashfest of upgrading a post-apocalyptic ride and reaching as far a distance as possible. This game is made of pure awesome fun that manages to squeeze itself into a humbly sized browser game that will keep you entertained for an hour or two. The devs chose to do without a deep gameplay mechanic and instead, focus on delivering a definitively “rewarding” launch game experience (which, in our own humble opinion, is how the challenge curves in all launch game be done). So with all that said, what should we be expecting from Earn to Die 3?

Getting out of the zombie madness is a definite no-no so expect the next game to still put you, the lead character, in a position where getting to a new location is once again the end-goal. And of course, having various vehicles to ride and upgrade will be quite important. The big change we would like to see (though it is unlikely), is if the developers decide to work with a slightly different game system. Keep the launch mechanics of course, that would still be the core part of the game, but add in a more extensive role-playing system wherein the players can manage their cars and upgrades in more detail.

We have already seen the beginnings of a deeper system in Earn to Die 3. While players do not get to choose which new location to go to, the map shows that there are various locations in these zombie badlands to visit. Having the third game allow you to plot a course across different garages create a new sense of adventure –depending on which garages you target first, the types of upgrades you will acquire will vary. Realistic inventory systems and logic still have to be tossed out the window however, as this would restrict the fun factor. In any case, being able to decide where to go and wondering which factory would have a better engine for your current car certainly makes for an interesting twist.

One of the first issues we have had since the first Earn to Die game was the gun mechanic that auto-fired at everything. It was accurate, but it also wasted your extremely limited ammunition on weaker targets. Being able to set your car’s targeting computer priorities with basic commands such as “target only stronger enemies”, or “shoot only when fuel is less than 50%”, would help provide players with a more strategic control over their ammo consumption. We admit that it would be a bit hard to do on the backend side of things, but stuff like these matters when you truly want to go “deeper” in terms of gameplay.

Normally, visuals are the first things that need serious improvement when it comes to making sequels. But considering that the fact that the graphics for the first two games are already pretty good, the developers need not worry –they just need to follow the current curve and it is all good. That being said, it would be interesting to have various weather or day-night changes in the backgrounds. And not just cosmetically too, if it affects the game (like forcing you to drive slower at night, or have a few sandstorms limiting your view), that would change the difficulty of what are otherwise “easy” maps.

Is the world ready for a new Earn to Die game? Most definitely so; Earn to Die 3 has made it to our list of games that will be certainly worth playing once it comes out. The main question we are wondering about is what kind of direction the game will take now that it has established itself.