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Burrito Bison Revenge: The Gummis Are Out to Get You Again

Burrito Bison Revenge

For most people, Gummi Bears are tasty and sweet items that are to be enjoyed as an indulgent snack or perhaps by children at a birthday party, but not all Gummi Bears are as innocent as the ones we find in sweet packets.

The ones in Burrito Bison Revenge are actually quite troublesome and are at the centre of the launch-based action involved in the game. Burrito Bison Revenge is essentially a launch game that follows the standard format of the genre including upgrades and various enhancements along the way, but with an extra added twist of being able to prolong your journey with some skilfully-timed jumping  and crushing of the gummi bears that are trying to escape your sweet-crushing wrath.

Juicy Beast is the developer of the game, having developed a sequel to this original that takes its inspiration and foundation from this game, maintaining a consistent format and even having much of the content of its successor.

The aim of the game is to launch a bison as far as you can into the distance, controlling his post-launch jumps as well as the power that goes into the launch. The controls are ridiculously simple and involve launching the bison by clicking the left mouse button or simply the spacebar when the launch meter is at the maximum power. Once in the air, you can extend your bison’s journey by encouraging him to land on the gummi bears below. You can use the left mouse button or spacebar to make the bison stomp down to the ground, preferably hitting a gummi bear in the process which charges your stomp power to be used again.

The ability to stomp and land on different kinds of gummi bears means that the game is more engaging than launch games that don’t give you much control after the subject is airborne (Kid Launcher is a good example of a game that doesn’t give you the provision to control your character post-launch). Further deepening the gameplay and giving it more longevity is the upgrade system, which lets you purchase various improvements to your bison and also the chances of encountering the different kinds of gummi bears that in turn have the potential to allow you to travel further.

You can increase your bison’s slipperiness so that you don’t lose speed when hitting the ground, and you can also improve the launch ropes so that you can gain more height and distance initially, as well as various other features. Increasing the chance of hitting pogo stick gummi bears for example will allow you to gain more height when you hit them and therefore more chance of extending your journey.

Though Burrito Bison Revenge is extremely well-designed with physics that are almost faultless, fans will notice that there isn’t much of a difference between this game and its successor. In spite of an incredible aesthetic with some gorgeous graphics and numerous upgrades, this game can become a little repetitive over time and is rather similar to its successor and really isn’t all that different from it in terms of features and content.

If you check out The Revenge of Burrito Bison here, you will be able to understand the high similarity between the two games, but the original Burrito Bison is still an extremely entertaining way to spend your spare time. You will notice that there are relatively few changes between the original and its predecessor, though, and the developers may wish to spend more time on developing new content and features next time instead of simply making very slight improvements and calling it a sequel.